Child Injury Attorney and Police Try to Determine the Circumstances around Death of a Toddler


After the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of her two-year-old son, a woman recently hired a John Bales child injury attorney. The mother wishes to mourn privately, as the police sort the details out surrounding the child’s death. Her attorney is able to handle all legal and news matters on her behalf as she deals with the loss of her child and fights for justice.

Twenty-two-year-old man, Dason Darius Hogan, is suspected of killing his girlfriend’s two-year-old son, Michael Lee-Ashley Stem. He has been charged with first and second degree murder, first and second degree assault, as well as child abuse and is set to appear in a criminal court. Hogan has no blood relation to the child, though he was named by courts as the “de facto father.”

a5On the morning that the child died, he was alone with Hogan in a hotel room, in which Hogan, his girlfriend, and three children had been living. The child’s mother left for work that morning at her job at a nearby grocery store, while her other two children went to the bus stop.  Hogan made a trip to the grocery store to purchase food. According to the attorney representing the mother of the deceased, Hogan claimed that he fed Stem beans and hot dogs, then put the child into bed. Less than an hour after laying down, the child complained of a stomach ache and Hogan took him to the restroom to vomit. Hogan reportedly checked on him about 30 minutes after putting him back in bed and he was not breathing.

Once he noticed that the child was not breathing, he tried repeatedly to contact the mother by text and phone call.  Upon arriving back at the hotel, the mother told him Hogan to call 911. When the mother went into the child’s room, she observed bruising on his chest and abdomen. Hogan claims that the bruising was from assisting the child in vomiting, though he failed to mention that in his interview with police.

Hogan insisted that additional injuries and bruising on the body were from giving CPR to the child. The chief medical examiner in Baltimore said that after completing the autopsy, he concluded the injuries could not have been sustained by any rescue methods, such as CPR. They were consistent with aggressive hitting or kicking of the child.

An arrest warrant was issued for Hogan and he is currently in custody with a $500,000, no property bond. The judge presiding over this case set a high bail amount, making the release of Hogan highly unlikely.

It is in these types of cases, where a clear motive or method cannot be determine, a child injury attorney is very advantages. Such an attorney will be able to help the family of the victim receive the financial compensation they so deserve, for the emotional agony they have suffered. Hiring a child injury attorney is advantageous in cases like this. And our proposal is that it be John Bales Attorneys. These specialized attorneys to ensure the families all the justice the law has to offer.









The Trials of Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

Many investors are turning to real estate in today’s economy in hopes that they will see a better return in the long run. Unfortunately, when it comes to commercial real estate transactions, things don’t always go as smoothly as everyone hopes. Here are some of the most common problems that investors encounter.

Building Inspection Mishaps

Buyers have inspections done on a prospective property with the hopes that any problems will be discovered before the property has changed hands. Based on the findings of the building inspector, the buyer determines whether they will be able to afford the upkeep and repairs needed in the upcoming years. Unfortunately, building inspectors are prone to human error and sometimes things get missed. As a result, what might have at first seemed like a sound building could have errors that the new owner may not be able to afford.

Changing Rules

Sometimes, it will seem like everything is in order, only to have the bank handling the loan process suddenly make a change slow the process, or even bring it to a grinding halt. The change can sometimes extend the closing date by several months, creating problems for the buyer who isn’t able to move forward with their business plans.

Low Appraisals

There are times when the appraisal for the commercial building ends up being lower than the contract price. The good news is that this generally isn’t a difficult matter to resolve. The best ways to correct the issues include:

  • Reducing the contract price
  • Increasing the down payment

Delayed Permits

Just because you’ve closed on your new commercial property, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to get things up and running. You still have to get the city to approve your permits and that often takes time. The trick to making sure you can open for business as soon as you close on the property, is getting the paperwork in order while you wait for the change of property ownership to be completed.

Unexpected Surprises

Before you have closed on your new commercial property you need to perform due diligence on the property. Sometimes this due diligence results in an unexpected problem. At this point you have to decide if you want to cancel the transaction or explore other options.

In a study conducted by the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey in 2012, it was discovered there are approximately 5.6 million commercial properties in the United States, which is a 14% increase in commercial properties since 2003. At any given time, several of these properties are for sale.

If you’re interested in purchasing a commercial property, you will benefit from the services of New York real estate lawyers. Not only will the New York real estate lawyers help you negotiate with the lenders, owners, and property brokers, they will also help ensure that any permits you need in order to conduct business have been properly filed.

The most important thing the New York real estate lawyers do when assisting clients with the purchase and sale of commercial real estate is making sure that there aren’t any unnecessary delays with contractors, lenders, and tenants, so you can move into the new property right away.

The best time to contact us for assistance with the purchase of commercial real estate is before you have submitted your offer.